Tatcha Reviews – Is Tatcha a Scam?

Tatcha Reviews – Is Tatcha a Scam?
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The porcelain-like Asian skin heavily inspired the Tatcha skin care products. Geishas who have mastered the art of ancient beauty rituals that enable them to get flawless skin is captured in the Tatcha skincare line.

Victoria Tsai, its founder, studied Asian skincare since her mother shared her secrets. Since then, Victoria learned various skincare secrets, combining Asian skin secrets from hundreds of years back, and modern skin science.

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Tatcha Ingredients

The skin care line is mostly composed of Okinawa Red Algae, Japanese Rice Bran and Green Tea Complete DNA Extract. Its HADASEI-3 Bioactive complex, which combines the power of those three ingredients, effectively combats oxidants and other free radicals.

The Okinawa Red Algae is a source of beterhelin, one of the skin’s natural polysaccharide, which enhances the skin’s barrier for longer moisture retention. The Japanese Rice Bran is a source of inositol, also a powerful antioxidant and moisturizer. Green Tea Complete DNA Extract is even better than the usual green tea extracts, and is a great protector from UV-induced oxidative damage.

How does Tatcha Work?

Tatcha has four products in its basic skincare ritual: Pure, Polished, Radiant and Supple. Pure cleanses the skin, Polished exfoliates to remove the dead skin cells, Radiant helps to brighten the skin, and Supple keeps the skin moisturized.

Tatcha taps on the traditional Japanese beauty secrets and combines it with skin science today. The ritual’s cleanser is made of camellia oil, and just melts away makeup, making sure that the skin is deeply cleansed before anything else. Its Deep Rice Enzyme Powder is water-activated, and exfoliates the skin.

The Deep Brightening Serum, in addition to hydrating the skin, maintains its luminosity and helps in preventing skin discoloration. The Supple, or the Moisture Rich Silk Cream, has a gel-cream formula that keeps the skin moisturized without the heavy feeling.

The Ritual works well with one another because it is designed to complement each other, mimicking the natural beauty secrets that geishas in Japan have long used.

Most clients report that Tatcha gives them instant results, making their skin more moisturized and clean right after finishing the ritual. In 8 weeks, users have reported a 155% increase in their skin’s moisture, a 60% decrease in their wrinkles, a 50% decrease in age spots and skin redness, and even a 70% decrease in pore size.

The Ritual is available in three variants: for normal/combination skin, for oily skin, and for dry skin.

With the science behind Tatcha, it cannot be said that the same is a scam. It truly utilizes Japanese beauty secrets, coupled with skin science today, that makes it effective so that women from all over the world can enjoy the flawless and porcelain skin of the Japanese geisha.

Tatcha Pros

  • Can buy a sampler set
  • Can buy a full set or can buy the products separately
  • Has different sets for normal/combination, oily and dry skin

Tatcha Cons

  • Very expensive
  • May cause allergies to some users

Tatcha Testimonials

peacenow on 10/7/2013 8:29:00 AM
Received the sampler in its lovely packaging. First time I used the products, I had a strange tingling sensation, bordering on burning. It took about 10 minutes for it to subside. My cheeks were red, but that subsided too. About 24 hours later, I used the products again. My face was on fire! No exaggeration. Skin inflamed, and I had such burning that I immediately splashed cold water to get off all products. Even after I washed the products off my face, my skin was burning. The reaction was so bad that I had to make an emergency call to my doctor on a weekend. She immediately prescribed a topical steroid cream. She also told me to take the medication Benadryl because Tatcha products had clearly caused a terrible allergic reaction. Note that I do NOT have what anyone would consider “sensitive” skin. I have never, ever had such a reaction to any skincare products … ever!

PianoGirl1985 on 3/13/2013 9:04:00 PM
I absolutely love this skin care line. Where to even begin to describe how great everything is.It is indeed best suited for dry/sensitive skin types, however, I have oily skin and enjoy it non the less.
Overall, it’s very very expensive, but do try the free samples first to see how you feel. They also have a miniature set for about $50, which is a great way to try all of the products before you decide to spend over $300 on one of the full sets.

How Much Does Tatcha Cost?

Tatcha encourages customers to try their products first before jumping onto the full sizes. They have the Tatcha Sampler Set, which contains 7 different skin care products. It also includes the Petal Fresh, Tatcha’s beloved Japanese Beauty Papers. For those who want the full Ritual set, Tatcha is available for online purchases.

Buy Tatcha

You can purchase Tatcha from their official web site: www.Tatcha.com but also from online retailers like Amazon.
Ordering directly from the manufacturer provides many advantages.

  • Occasional, Click here to check Coupon Codes
  • Customer service for any questions you may have
  • Guaranteed to get the “REAL” product and not a counter fit product (This is key, there are a lot of counter fit products being produced in this industry)
  • Bonus with purchase. See below for details on how to obtain your free 43 page bonus report with your order.


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Bonus With Order:

Free 43 page report titled “Improvement of Naturally Aged Skin With Vitamin A (Retinol)
Contributors to this report include:
Reza Kafi, MD; Heh Shin R. Kwak, MD; Wendy E. Schumacher, BS; Soyun Cho, MD, PhD;
Valerie N. Hanft, MD; Ted A. Hamilton, MS; Anya L. King, MS; Jacqueline D. Neal, BSE;
James Varani, PhD; Gary J. Fisher, PhD; John J. Voorhees, MD, FRCP; Sewon Kang, MD

How To Obtain Free Report:

When you purchase your Tatcha from a link form this site all you need to do is send your receipt to Customerservice@skincareproductsnow.net with your email address and we will send you a registration page where you can enter your best email address and your free report will be delivered to your inbox. You will also receive regular tips and tricks and other important information related to skin care.

Tatcha Reviews – Is Tatcha a Scam?
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